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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need another FTP library ?

It is true that you can use the System.Net classes in C# to create FTP functionality from scratch. However, If you wish to avoid reinventing the wheel and instead concentrate on the business logic of your application, then libftp helps you by seamlessly integrating the FTP functionality in your application.

How can I use the FTP library ?

Download and extract the latest source .zip file. It contains two projects, one called libftp which is a standalone class library project (.DLL), and another a test project. Compile the libftp project using Visual-Studio or Mono-Develop and create the libftp.dll file which you can then add as reference in all your projects. Browse the libftptest project to get an idea of how to call the various instance members of libftp to seamlessly integrate ftp functionality. Here is a brief summary:

## ftper class: The primary interface class that does the ftp "stuff" for you. You can create an object of this type (preferably in the load or initialize event) in your WinForm or Class like this:

libftp.ftper myftpobject = new libftp.ftper();

You can include the libftp namespace in your header using the "using" statement to avoid repeating the prefix everywhere. Once you do this, you can directly call the underlying methods to upload/download/browse files. Note that local names must be fully qualified valid addresses (ex: C:\ftptest\xyz.png), and so should be the remote names (ex:

## ftp class: This is the underlying class that abstracts the low-level System.Net functions that actually implement. This object is represented as ftper.ftpobject. Usually you don't have to deal with this class just for sending/receiving files via ftp. However, if you want to subscribe to various notification events that inform you about bytes transferred, download status, etc. you can subscribe to its events.

And yes, whenever you distribute your application, make sure that libftp.dll is included in the installable package or msi.

Is libftp free to use?

libftp is 100% free and open source. You are free to use it, free to modify the source-code, and free to contribute the improvements back to me!
Please note that the graphics and icons in the accompanying GUI applications belong to the gnome and tango project. Hence, they can be reused only under the terms of GNU/GPL. For more details, visit

Where can I find support?

You can find support from here itself. If you face any issues while using this library, just file a bug in the issue tracker explaining with details what went wrong. I will respond to it as soon as I can.

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